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Rulmeca Group

Rulmeca Belt Conveyor Applications

Power Stations

Many power stations are located at ports. The transportation of coal and other products within a sea-marine environment requires carefully selected rollers and drives to ensure the application will enjoy years of maintenance free product performance. Rulmeca have for decades been one of the key suppliers of Rollers and Motorized Pulleys to Power Station projects on a global basis. The protection and sealing systems of the Rulmeca rollers and motorized pulleys are second to none and provides the system integrator as well as the end-users with a product life time that meets and exceeds expectations.

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Mining & Quarrying

The mining industry in general has seen new growth driven largely by new demands from various parts of the world. For many years Rulmeca have been a key supplier of products to various different mining projects handling iron ore, copper, limestone, granite, salt etc. Working closely with the different end-user industries and mines we have gained valuable knowledge during the years. It is this experience that we have used in developing and improving our products. Close co-operation with both system integrators, OEMs and End-User ensures that we are able to specify the product most suitable for each application. One example is the ATEX certification of our products.

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Our rollers and motorized pulleys have been used within the cement, concrete and batching plant industry for more than forty years. We are partnering some of the largest producers of new plants and working with large end-users to ensure we are kept up to date with the requirements from the industry.

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Salt & Fertilisers

Rulmeca are working frequently with projects for fertiliser and salt handling. Rollers in plastic or steel are securely protected against corrosion. Our Motorized Pulleys IP66/67 in stainless or partly stainless steel with regreaseable sealing systems are being used in Salt and fertiliser industries - 24 hours a day without maintenance problems. The selection of the right drive or rollers is of key importance and Rulmeca have the experience to assist you in your choice.

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Crushing & Screening

The Rulmeca Group provides the ideal partnership with many manufacturers of Crushing and Screening Machinery. Whether the machinery is stationary or is used as mobile units Rulmeca offer solutions to almost all applications - and in fact has been doing this for many years. The large standard range of rollers accompanied by our motorized pulleys, drive and tail pulleys and belt cleaners, ensure that the manufacturer can work with Rulmeca for the complete package of products.

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