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Thread: Corn Starch Dust Control

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    GACOSUChE Guest

    Looking to install a baghouse for corn starch dust control...

    Here's my situation: I have six mixers of various size and design which make our "White Line" of products, which is adhesives and primers. There are many different powders that go into these products, but the vast majority are starches. I also have a baghouse on-site (4000 CFM blower, 5-1 AC ratio, pulse-jet cleaning), which was acquired from a bankruptcy and was purchased for this purpose, which is not in use. The manufacturer's sales rep has told me that the baghouse should not be installed and that we need one of a different construction, but I'm not sure if he's just trying to make a sale. He has stated that we would need to put some kind of pressure relief system on the baghouse and that we would be hard-pressed to find a reputable company to install that since they would be taking on the liablity if an event were to occur. I guess I just want to get some advise from knowledgable people that don't have a vested interest in what I decide to do. I would like to know what kind of conditions lead to a "dust bomb" event and if I truly need a certain type of baghouse to handle corn starch.

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    Michael Reid

    Michael Reid

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    APC Engineering Associates Pty. Ltd.

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    Corn starch dust control

    The sales rep was refering to explosion relief panels to relieve the pressure of a deflagration without completly destroying the baghouse (and surrounding equipment). Corn starch is explosive.

    What is the process you are wanting to control? Pneumatic conveying into silos? Mixing? Mechanical conveying? You need to find out if the baghouse is large enough for the task, i.e., what total airflow is required for the system.

    Get an expert to design the system for you and advise you if the A:C ratio is appropriate for the particle sizes in the product. Use NFPA guidelines to size explosion vents and other protection measures. Install the baghouse outside and direct the exp. vents away from buildings and human traffic.

    The expert will advise you on other aspects like quality (dryness) of compressed air, dust disposal, non-sparking construction of fans etc.

    If you use second-hand equipment, you take the final responsibility for the system's effectiveness and safety.

    Michael Reid.

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    Shah Dilip

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