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Thread: Ball Mill Grinding Calcium Phosphate Salt

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    Unhappy Ball Mill Grinding Calcium Phosphate Salt

    I have a calcium phosphate salt (100g/sample) which I need to grind in a wet anhydrous environment. I need 3 different sample sizes with the average size being ~1,10 and 100 microns. Will a simple horizontal mill do this and if so what is the loading ratio of media and solvent for 100 g of powder. The container is a simple HDPE Nalgene bottle (1L). Also what size media should be used and of what material.

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    Holger Neumann Guest
    Dear Sirs,

    regarding your questions for grinding of calcium phosphate salt due to the fineness of 100 / 10 / 1 microns a simple horizontal mill cannot to the job.

    For your application we would use our single Planetary ball mill type PM100 with grinding jars of stainless steel of zirconia. Another questions is, is contamination from the grinding media a point for your following analysis??

    You are invited to send us a sample to our application laboratory.
    This service is free of charge for you.

    you may obtain further information from our homepage:


    Holger Neumann

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