Dantec On-Line Product Moisture Measurement System continuously monitors and displays product moisture and temperature. It has the capability to measure and display moisture and temperature from three customer specified locations in the process. The system includes Dantec’s moisture sensors which come equipped with Dantec’s sophisticated moisture calibration software. In addition, the system allows for fully configurable moisture and temperature alarming. Analogue outputs are available in order that key signals may be accessed by the plant SCADA system for storage and future evaluation. The Dantec on-line moisture and temperature monitoring system is competitively priced and has proven to be superior to other monitoring systems on the market.

Dantec Corporation is a technology company specializing in on-line product quality and total process optimization. Dantec offers the benefits of many years of professional process expertise in a broad range of industries and technologies, from food processing to engineered wood products to pharmaceuticals from base level control and monitoring systems to sophisticated advanced control systems. Dantec believes that it can control any product attribute that can be accurately detected.

In support of Dantec's real-time advanced control systems, Dantec provides a full range of hardware and software solutions, on-site evaluation, engineering services, system commissioning, operator training and extended remote support. Dantec delivers proven solutions resulting in increased yield, improved and consistent product quality, energy savings, maximized plant efficiency and more effective use of operations personnel.

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