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Thread: Vector's New Roller Compaction System

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    Vector's New Roller Compaction System

    The Vector TFC-156 Roller Compactor System utilizes a cantilevered roll design with a portable granulating mill unit and features a vertical tapered feed screw system and the unique DP/DPS- rimmed compaction rolls. A uniform compaction force is distributed to the rolls due to consistent product feeding to and across the face of the compaction rolls. Uniform force distribution results in a less variation of particle sizes, larger production volumes and reduces the need to recycle under and oversize particles.

    The stainless steel wash down construction and cantilevered roll design allows for easy roll changeover and dismantling for cleaning. The onboard PLC based control system, monitors and controls the compaction and granulating process with full instrumentation and data acquisition capabilities.

    For more information on Vector corporation please visit:
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