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Thread: Who Supplies this Plastic Spring?

  1. Question Who Supplies this Plastic Spring?

    We are designing a vibrating screen like flip-flow screen and some plate shape plastic springs are needed. We found some infomation about it that is the spring is fiberglass reinforced. But we cannot found which company produce it. Is anybody know it and will tell us some good information about it.
    Thanks at first.
    Waiting four fast reply.
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    Ziggy Gregory

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    VIBFEM Pty. Ltd.

    VIBFEM Pty. Ltd.

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    They are acting more like links than springs - install correct springs at the back of the screen - let me know if you have any problems.

    Ziggy Gregory
    Ziggy Gregory

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    I would say these are leaf springs, I've seen this arrangement before.
    I would suggest only the manufacturer of the machine will be able to say with certainty what are their characteristics and source of supply.

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