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Thread: Metal Detector for Fleximat Steel Mesh Belt

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    Metal Detector for Fleximat Steel Mesh Belt

    We have faced the problem in finding a proper device to detect tramp metal in
    petroleum coke stream on conveyor lines using Fleximat steel mesh belt. Belt
    data sheet is available on request. STF (IW) 630 to 1600 are most common belt type.

    Does anyone have experience? Please help by providing manufacturer contact details and models.

    Thanks and regards,

    Derek Lian
    Giant Ray International Co. , Ltd.
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    RE: Metal Detector for Fleximat Steel Mesh Belt

    Typically, steel cord belts will not false trip a TMD because we average it out, except possibly at the splice point. If the additional metal at the splice point metal is larger that the tramp standard, the TMD will have to be detuned or a clip detector and target installed.

    Steel mesh belts, however, have metal perpendicular to the belt travel that is not averaged out, and therefore it will trip the TMD. I know of no successful in stallions on steel mesh belts.

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    Formerly Thermo Ramsey
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    Alternative to Metal Detectors

    Totally in agreement with previous reply, i.e., no known successful installation of a metal detector on a Fleximat Steel Mesh Belt.

    The question that must be asked, with this lack of promise for a metal detector, can installations of metal detectors and/or magnets be installed at other locations, before or after, the steel mesh belt. If so, we can help.
    Magnetics Division
    Global Equipment Mktg. Inc.

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