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Thread: Pipe Chain Drag Conveyor

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    fernandoxiang Guest

    Tube chain coveyor usage

    There are mainly three types of tube chain conveyor now .
    1.Tubular drag ring chain 2.Tubular drag cable 3.Tubular drag plate chain

    Tubular drag cable is mainly used for food industry ,becasue it has better performace in protecting the fragile material.
    Ring chain and plate chain mainly used in chemical industry.

    The advantage for tubular drag conveyor is ---3D installtion ,less power and noise.
    The disadvantage is the wear of the disc,I agree with your idea.

    If you want to replace your bucket elevator,please considering the material's details.
    Tubular drag chain conveyor can not lift material vertically if it has a very good fluidity(something like cement or liquid)

  2. Hello,

    Earlier participants have already given more specific information. Following is the general information about the equipment conveying bulk material in a enclosed circular or rectangular cross section.

    Attached sketch (upper part): German source. Here in view of oval link chain, this type of conveyor can have flow path bends like water pipe (3 dimensional freedom).

    Attached sketch (lower part): American source. Equipment known as a ‘Bulk flo conveyor’. Material conveyed in rectangular cross section. In this case the flow path bends can be only in vertical plane which is perpendicular to sprockets shaft (head and tail shafts are parallel and in horizontal plane)

    3) Material conveyed in rectangular cross section, UK source, possibly known as a Redler conveyor. Sketch not attached, as I do not have.

    Hope the information may be of use. Knowledgeable readers can put more information.

    My posting only informs about the available options for the type of conveyor. It does not give any opinion about the suitability of specific equipment (whether regular bucket elevators or as mentioned by me in this reply) for your application.

    Ishwar G. Mulani
    Author of Book: ‘Engineering Science And Application Design For Belt Conveyors’. Conveyor design basis is ISO (thereby book is helpful to design conveyors as per national standards of most of the countries across world). New print Nov., 2012.
    Author of Book: ‘Belt Feeder Design And Hopper Bin Silo’
    Advisor / Consultant for Bulk Material Handling System & Issues.
    Pune, India. Tel.: 0091 (0)20 25871916
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