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Thread: Advanced Solutions for Dust-Free Bulk Loading

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    Advanced Solutions for Dust-Free Bulk Loading

    Recent solutions and installations by Danish bellow feeder specialist demonstrate the functional and financial benefits offered by state-of-the-art dust-free bulk loading systems technology.

    With more than 7500 units produced Cimbria Moduflex dust-free bellows feeders for bulk materials loading are in operation in all over the world. Inherent functional efficiency is enhanced by the modular nature of their design, an innovation that contributes significant savings in overall lifecycle costs.

    Systems built from standardised modules are produced for road and rail tanker truck loading, ship loading, stockpiling and warehousing to meet the widest variety of material and throughput capacity requirements. The scope and design flexibility made possible by the company’s modular approach to feeder system engineering is such that 95% of all customer orders are supplied from standardised stock components and sub-assemblies.

    The modular engineering concept common to each type of Cimbria Moduflex bellows feeder contributes a range of technical and financial advantages.

    The most fundamental of these are the cost savings and reduced delivery lead times that directly derive from the company’s ability to supply purpose-designed systems built up from standardised, rationalised ranges of stock components and sub-assemblies. This additionally helps to ensure the ready availability of spares.

    In the event of damage, the affected module e.g. a bellow section can be quickly removed and replaced, avoiding the cost and downtime that might be incurred by types of feeder where damage may necessitate the replacement of the entire chute.

    Open loading dust elimination
    With Cimbria Moduflex open loading systems, the free falling material stream passes to the point of discharge through a column of open guide cones running down the full vertical length of the outer bellows.

    The outlet head of the bellows rests on the discharged material. The system’s automatically controlled winch mechanism progressively raises the bellows outlet as loading progresses.

    In systems connected to a central filter plant a reverse air jet arrangement exhausts dust particles upwards from the delivery outlet in the annular space between the guide cones and the outer bellows. The cones ensure effective separation of the material stream from the dust-laden upward airflow. The combination of a flexible dust skirt and reverse air jet exhaust produces the negative pressure necessary to eliminate the escape of dust.

    For practically all capacities the Cimbria Moduflex product programme also contains solutions with self-contained dust filtration arrangements.

    A good example of this is the unique VF feeder system. Interestingly, although the first installation of its type was produced as a “one-off”, its wider potential was soon recognised and the VF system has recently been developed into a standardised catalogued range.

    The VF dust-free bellow system has been developed primarily for high capacity ship loading installations that necessitate the use of a feeder of exceptional vertical length.

    Unlike the company’s other high capacity bellows feeders, the VF unit has a dust removal and filtration module incorporated into the head of the delivery outlet. In the VF design, the delivery outlet is housed within an outer cylindrical dust guard structure equipped with a flexible skirt. Dust particles are sucked upwards through the annular space between the delivery outlet and the outer skirted structure and into the filtration modules.

    The number of filtration modules is determined by the system’s throughput capacity. Each module is fully self-contained, with its own filter, compressor, pressure tank, ventilator and magnetic return valve units. A reverse jet air system returns all filtered dust into the material stream as is falls past the upper section of the delivery outlet.

    This arrangement offers important advantages over the two main alternative types of feeder that might be considered for the kind of application for which the VF series is designed.

    In first of these, dust is sucked from the discharge outlet and conveyed to a central filter bag plant. In the second, the tumble-flow type, dust emissions are controlled by reducing the velocity of the material as it cascades down the chute to the outlet. Both require a far heavier supporting structure than a VF system of equivalent capacity. As a result of its lighter weight, a VF feeder installation can reduce the total overall capital expenditure significantly.

    To suit the characteristics of the material a system is designed to handle, guide cones can be specified in mild steel, Hardox steel or stainless steel.

    Ship loading dust problems alleviated.
    In co-operation with BMH Kellve AB in Kvärnum, Sweden, Cimbria Moduflex has supplied a loading chute for ship loading of wood pellets and sphagnum. The loading chute is a type VF500F/17 with a total length of approx. 13 metres and built-in dust filter in the outlet.

    Estonia is a large exporter of wood pellets for energy and sphagnum as growth material in nursery gardens but also for energy. Both materials can develop a great deal of dust during loading if not a modern dust restricting technique is applied.

    The loading facility has been set up in Pärnu in Estonia and forms a part of a complete transportation and loading plant supplied by BMH Kellve.

    As wood pellets and sphagnum, in particular produce large quantities of dust, the authorities had instructed the harbour to implement dust-limiting techniques as a pre-condition for continuing the operation.

    The plant was taken into operation on Thursday, January 16, 2003 and the first load was a ship with a cargo capacity of 2,800 tonnes of wood pellets. Commissioning and hand-over of the loading chute were carried out by an engineer from Cimbria Moduflex in collaboration with a representative from BMH Kellve. Since the facility was put into service, operations have taken place without problems and dust emissions have been restricted to dust invisible to the naked eye. As a result of this a second and third identical unit has now been ordered by the customer and will be put into operation in the second half of 2003.

    Ship loading units handling grain in Germany and soya shells in Norway are just further examples of recent tasks being solved by Cimbria Moduflex VF-units.

    Refurbishing terminals in Algeria.
    In collaboration with the its agent in Slovenia, Mr M. Radulic from the company Denco, Cimbria Moduflex has won and completed an order consisting of a total of 47 bellow feeders for successive delivery during the first half of 2003.

    The customer is Handte-Ost in Krsko in Slovenia, a company whose range of products includes industrial filters. The bellow feeders are part of a complete delivery of loading equipment and filters for modernisation of existing grain and feed terminals in Algeria.

    The engineering firm Ingra in Zagreb, Croatia, is behind the modernisation of the terminals in Algeria. Mr. M. Radulic, Denco says: “Cimbria Moduflex was chosen ahead of competing companies as a result of, among other things, superior technology and its ability to deliver. Especially Moduflex’s modular design of the chutes appealed to the customer, in particular with regard to future maintenance and the short down-time for the enduser – ensured by the system in the event that the chutes are damaged.

    Mr. A. Andrejas from the company Handte-Ost who was the main contractor on the project states: “Negotiations and execution of the order took place very satisfactory although there are of course always lots of things to consider in an order of this size. It was not least the high degree of communication between the two companies throughout the entire process, as well as great flexibility on the part of Cimbria Moduflex with regard to delivery that gave particular cause for satisfaction.

    In conjunction with the first partial delivery in February a presentation and demonstration of the Moduflex bellow feeder was carried out at Handte-Ost.
    As this delivery contained a bellow feeder with the production number 7000, this was of course used for the demonstration.

    Cimbria Moduflex, a member company of the Cimbria Group of Companies, supplies dust-free chute systems through a network of agents in over 30 countries around the world. Further information can be obtained by accessing the website or by contacting Cimbria Moduflex on phone +45 97223200 ; fax +45 97223811 or e-mail:

    For more information on Cimbria Moduflex please visit:
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