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Thread: Iron-Free Sugar Due to Magnets by Goudsmit

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    Iron-Free sugar due to Magnets by Goudsmit

    Goudsmit Magnetic Systems in Waalre has recently manufactured 7 tailor- made clean-flow magnets for the largest sugar producer in France. These magnets remove both large and minutely small iron particles from sugar. As a result of the liberalisation of the sugar market in the EEC and the disappearance of the state monopoly, from 2004 sugar manufacturers will be forced to comply with the strict (HACCP) requirements of the food industry. These requirements prescribe the use of magnets and metal detector for the sugar production process, among other things.

    The magnet system removes iron rust and particles with poor magnetic qualities from sugar, for example. With the use of a new generation of Neoflux® magnets, the magnetic value goes up to 10,000 gauss (if required up to 12,000 gauss) and it is even possible to remove stainless-steel particles. A special rotating version has been manufactured for soft sugar; this prevents the product forming a bridge on the magnetic rods (sticky powders are inclined to do this).

    The Clean-Flow magnets made for the sugar industry in France can be cleaned by hand efficiently and safely (CE norm). The operator only has to pull out the sled with magnetic grids, after which an unlocking takes place automatically between the extractor and the magnetic rod. If the magnetic package is completely outside the product, the magnet is unlocked and pulled out of the extractor sleeve. The same system has also been made for the English sugar industry. The casing is of stainless-steel 304 and the whole unit has a smooth finish and complies with the HACCP requirements.

    Vertical shaft
    The fast-cleaning clean-flow magnet is intended for fitting in vertical shafts. It is available in three standard dimensions (lead in/lead out 200 x 200 mm up to 400 x 500 mm) and is suitable for capacities of 10 to 150 m3/hour. Special dimensions can be produced according to customer specification.

    For further information please contact:

    Figure Legend:
    The fast-cleaning clean-flow magnet reaches a magnetic value of 10,000 gauss and has been manufactured specially for the sugar industry
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