Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to know if you manufacture needle felts yourself or procure from someone else.

If you manufacure the needle felts yourself please submit your quote for the
following requirement:

Homopolymer acrylic with homopolymer acrylic scrim

Weight - 550 g/ m2
Finish - singed and calandered on the filtration side
Application : Cement mill grinding vent filter
Air to cloth ratio : 61 m3/hr.m2
bag size : dia 150 * 3690 mm long
dust load : 500 g/m3
Gurantees required :
Dust outlet emission :50 mg/m3
Pressure drop : less than 150 mm WG
Life : 12 months for the date of commissioning and 30 months from the date of supply whichever ends earlier.

Please send your replies quickly.


Rajendra Yadav