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Thread: Dust Suppression around Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

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    George Baker

    George Baker

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    Lightbulb Dust Suppression Needed around VERTICAL SHAFT IMPACT CRUSHER

    I am interested in ideas to economically suppress fine particulate material that is "blown" up into the air underneath the high speed turbine effect of a VERTICAL SHAFT IMPACT CRUSHER.

    The clouds of dust created are quite substantial, dangerous and a health and safety issue. The crusher is handling soft limestone or crushed gravel and being reduced from a top size of say -3/8" down to a manufactured sand spec. The RPM of the crusher table is nominal 1050 RPM but, could be as high as 2000 RPM.

    Comments gladly accepted and appreciated.

    George Baker

  2. Dear Mr. George Baker,

    I suggest you to give some brief description of your vertical shaft impact crusher such as it’s feed spout dimension, discharge spout dimension and rotor diameter. Rotor diameter in conjunction with rpm will enable to know the peripheral speed of the rotor. Also, from your information the feed material size and product size is not clear.
    I cannot say that I will have the solution but the aforesaid information will enable everybody to look into this issue in a proper manner.

    In general, there are only two solutions in dealing with this dust problem. (1) To see the possibility of reduction in dust generation cloud (2) The dust so generated will remain within crusher & connected chute work but its leakage into surrounding can be prevented by usual dust extraction system which is a widely used arrangement by everybody. This system prevents leakage of dusty air at initial inlet and final discharge by maintaining slight negative pressure. This is certainly known by you.

    Ishwar G Mulani.
    Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyor.
    Email :
    Tel.: 0091 (0)20 5882916

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    sbsdust - SBS Dust Management, USA Guest

    Impacting Crusher dust management

    The general reasons for substantial fugitive dust emmisions from rotary crushers and impacting crushers is due to A. air entrainment caused by dynamics of relatively high rpm rotary crushers and B. dust fines weight to area ratio enabling fines to become and remain airborne and C. dust fines surface static charging caused by frictional forces affecting fine particles which cause fines to repel other particles and even light applications of water.

    One economical remedy would be through a good water and surfactant spray or surfactant foam dust suppression application prior to limestone and gravel entering impact crusher. Be aware that such surfactant techniques are not all created equal and both the specific chemistry and application engineering can vary widely between vendor. I have several papers on the subject which I'll be happy to send you.

    With more than 25 years expertise in many aspects of dust control, I can assist you as a dust management consultant or can design a proper application with best available chemistry turnkey. As I do not sell any particular brand of dust suppression surfactant, I am free to advise from a number of high quality global suppliers, many with representatives in Canada and Ontario.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions at US phone 903-692-2294 or email

    Tom Westbrook
    Dust Management Specialist and Consultant
    SBS Dust Management Technologies

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    ccervera Guest

    Request information

    Dear Mr. Westbrook

    I have some problems, similars to Mr. Baker.

    My plant have a chain mill (50 Tons per hour) and discharge in a belt conveyor, we installed a dust extraction system on the belt conveyor discharge, but the extraction is insufficient.

    Could you send me additional information about dust control at chain mill discharge??,please.


    Best regards.


  5. Dear Mr. George,

    I have mentioned certain points in my earlier reply. In general, there should not be dusting problem of extraordinary nature. Please see on the following points :
    1) Rotor speed is too high causing too much fragmentation of material.
    2) If crushing / impacting velocity required is of fixed value, and in that case if rotor diameter is too small; it can create more centrifugal force. This centrifugal force = v square / R, can cause more severe vortex effect.
    3) Air vortex will create more pressure at periphery and less pressure at center. Therefore, air will tend to leak-out near periphery, whereas air will tend to be sucked in at the center. One can use this situation to think about the remedies to reduce dust emission.

    Ishwar G Mulani.
    Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyor.
    Email :
    Tel.: 0091 (0)20 5882916

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    G.Slavnikov Guest
    Dear Mr. Westbrook!

    Are there any water/surfoctant spray systems that will work in temperatures seriously below freezing point (like -30 Centigrade)?

    Gleb Slavnikov

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