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Thread: Calcination and Drying Technology

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    Calcination and Drying Technology

    We produce high pure calcium corbonate (98.5 % CaCo3) in the size of 70 to 80 microns by crushng and by floation system, with moisture content around 25 to 30 % .we need to dry our product to below 5% moisture and want to calcine from CaCo3 to CaO. For this we are seeking technology to calcine and to dry.

    If your company has calcination and drying technology pls contact us .
    our capacity is 100 tones/day of limepowder for drying and for calcine. 5o tones for calcination and 50 tones only for drying.

    j. mohan kumar
    j.k mining and chemicals
    no. 2, yercaud main road
    salem - 636 007

    phone : (0427) 2401814, (0427)3101911, 98943 40107

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    We have equipment that should work for this application.

    Check us out at

    Randy Potter

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