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Thread: Vorti-Siv Pharmaceutical Lab Case Study

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    Vorti-Siv Pharmaceutical Lab Case Study

    The sieving and de-agglomeration of 5 kg batches of Magnesium Stearate
    powders for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer. The material needs to be
    sieved in 20 minutes through U.S. 40 mesh.

    Most of the samples have agglomerates. The coarse particles need to be removed from the samples continuously. The operator needs to run the batch unattended and requires an accurate feed system.

    VORTI-SIV Model RBF-10 gyratory lab unit with a 10" diameter sieve which
    utilizes a variable speed frequency control and continuous oversize discharge
    outlet. In addition, a stainless steel self-feed hopper is used to meter the powder.

    Minimum Clean-up and Product Changeover-Onlytwo (2) stainless steel sanitary product contact parts enables fast changeover. An optional removable dome or scoop feed cover enables dust-free sieving.

    De-Agglomerating Sieve-
    Four (4) optional highly polished stainless steel 2" diameter disks are put on the screen surface to break the agglomerates. The RBF-10 mechanical gyration causes the disks to randomly impact agglomerates, reducing all lumps to fine powder.

    Self-feed Hopper –
    The all stainless steel 5 kg capacity hopper with adjustable slide gate enables the material to be properly metered to the screen surface. Efficiently controlling the feed rate decreases the amount of agglomerates.

    Variable Speed –
    The RBF-10 utilizes a 3450RPM electric motor. A digital frequency inverter
    enables the mechanical vibration to be controlled from 800 to 3450RPM. This
    feature improves the processing flexibility of each product sample.

    For more information pease visit:

    Figure legend:
    All stainless steel Model RBF-10with stainless steel hopper and
    variable frequency drive.
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