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Thread: CyCone Conical Blender/Mixer

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    CyCone Conical Blender/Mixer

    The Cycone blender is a vertical conical screw blender which easily handles all types of powders including detergents, foods, chemicals, resins, rock products, plastics and pharmaceuticals giving very quick and precise mixing of batches.

    The rotating screw does not have a bottom bearing support thereby eliminating any dead spots or difficult areas to clean, and allowing for full bore open discharging of the product.

    Discharge of the material is fast and simple. Rotating with the mixing screw is a spray nozzle which allows the user to inject liquid or gas ingredients into the batch.

    The Cycone powder blender can also be manufactured with or without a cooling/heating jacket, and can also be built as a dryer for atmospheric or vacuum operation.

    For more intense mixing a sidewall mounted lump breaker can be incorporated.

    The product outlet is through the bottom via various discharge outlet designs for fast and complete discharging. The conical mixer design also lends itself to exceptional and fast CIP cleaning. This is fully contained multi- step processing system from product loading, processing and then discharging for a true safe and clean system.

    For more information on Bolz-Summix, please visit:
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