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Thread: World's Largest Dome-Covered Bulk Storage Project

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    World's Largest Dome-covered Bulk Storage Project


    Temcor has just completed an 11th Aluminum Dome at the Formosa Plastics Group No. 6 naptha cracking complex in Mai Liao, Taiwan, already the home of the world’s largest dome-covered storage facility. Temcor has supplied ten of the massive 396-foot (120m) diameter domes at the complex since 1996.

    This most recent dome will be used to store salt, bringing the facility’s salt storage capacity to 430,000 metric tons. Of the 11 Temcor Aluminum Domes, nine are used for coal storage and two for salt. The coal storage domes hold a total of 1,620,000 metric tons of coal.

    “Our engineers developed a clear-span dome design that covers the huge coal and salt piles providing unrestricted space the for stacker/reclaimer equipment operation,” said Clark Margolf, Temcor’s Executive Vice President. The domes not only protect the contents from the environment, but also protect the environment from pollution by the contents.

    “The domes also had to be engineered to withstand the typhoon-force winds common to the region,” continued Margolf. To accomplish that, the engineers designed them with a flattened crown that lowers the potential for uplift forces. To accommodate a variety of stack/reclaimer equipment, the domes have rises that range from 121 feet (36.7m) to 134 feet (40.6m) ft and are mounted to 59-foot (18m) high concrete retaining walls.

    Like the previous 10 domes, this final dome was manufactured at Temcor’s state-of-the-art facility in the U.S. and shipped, ready to assemble, to the site where it was erected in only four months by a relatively small crew. It was built using Temcor’s unique Center Tower erection method in which the dome is constructed from the center out. As each ring of the structure is completed at ground level, the center tower lifts the dome incrementally until the entire dome is complete. The small crew required for this erection method stays safely on the ground.

    Temcor Aluminum Dome systems for the bulk storage industry are in place in the Far East and worldwide. Temcor has been building aluminum domes and other structures for nearly 40 years and has more than 6,000 installations throughout the world in industries as varied as water and wastewater treatment, petroleum and scientific research. Temcor domes and roof systems for architectural applications are in place as sports arenas, cruise terminals, planetariums, churches, and more.

    For more information, write P.O. box 48008, 150 W. Walnut St., Gardena, CA 90248, e-mail or call (800) 421-2263...or find Temcor on the World Wide Web at

    Please also visit:
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