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Thread: Freeman Technology Unveils the FT4

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    Freeman Technology unveils the FT4

    New system builds on the success of the FT3 Powder Rheometer.

    At this year’s ACHEMA show (19-24 May, Frankfurt, Germany), Freeman Technology announced the European launch of the new FT4 powder rheometer. The FT4 is a significant development from the successful FT3 and, like its predecessor, the new instrument uses Freeman’s patented technology to provide comprehensive data on powder flow properties. It is the only system available that measures all the relevant forces needed to give a complete and accurate measurement of powder flowability. This is important in a wide range of pharmaceutical and chemical industries, where most processes involve the extensive use of powders.

    In the FT4, an embedded high-specification processor eliminates the need for an external PC, saving valuable bench space whilst maintaining high performance. Networking capabilities mean users can access powder flowability data remotely as well as carrying out analysis in the laboratory. A universal bus provides serial, automated daisy chaining of all automated accessories.

    The FT4 also features a digital control system as well as a new digital data acquisition system for force, torque and position measurement. This provides improved control, a greater speed range and much enhanced sensitivity.

    In contrast to traditional methods that give a less meaningful single number result, Freeman’s approach recognises the complex nature of powders and the need to evaluate flow properties in relation to the many key variables such as flow rate, aeration, consolidation and moisture content.

    Commenting on the launch at ACHEMA, Reg Freeman, founder and CEO of Freeman Technology said: “Most stoppages during pharmaceutical and chemical production processes are due to problems with powder flowability. Our novel approach to characterising powders is already helping many major companies around the world reduce these stoppages by quantifying flowability and enabling engineers to predict powder behaviour. We are looking forward to introducing a new group of customers to these benefits with the FT4.”

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