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Thread: Grain Flow Rate

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    fernandobrod Guest

    Grain flow rate

    I have just entered in this forum and I would like to known if someone has some information on grain flow rate through orifices and pipes: equations to predict the maximum flow rate in a specific diameter, angle and product; software for predicting the flow; design of grain spreaders...

    Thanks in advance...

  2. A couple of basic papers on the flow of grain through orifices are given below. If you use these to initiate a literature search (including a citation search) using the services of a competent librarian, I think you will discover quite a bit of literature on the subject.

    Beverloo W A et al, The flow of granular solids through orifices, Chemical Engineering Science, 1961, Vol 15, pp260-269

    Chang C S, Converse H H, Flow Rates of Wheat and Sorghum through Horizontal Orifices, Transactions of the ASEA V31(1), Jan-Feb 1988.

    Alternatively, type the following into your search engine and you will find an on-line document.

    ASAE D274.1 DEC96

    I can circulate grain through a test rig at around 20 tph if this would be of use.


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    fernandobrod Guest
    Thank you a lot for answering my question... I have already tested the equations found in the papers you mentioned, but they don’t predict well my problem. I am not sure, but those equations are for the grain flow rate through orifices and I need the grain flow rate through pipes.
    Best regards

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