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Thread: Pressure Drop at Blow Tank

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    bbd Guest

    Pressure drop at blow tank !!!


    Can anybody give me any list of references of articles related to pressure drop at the starting point in the blow tank ! I am looking for any functional relationship with Riser pipe diameter, height from blow tank floor, loading ratio etc !!!!!!

    Can anybody help me ?!!!!

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    Dennis Hauch - Freeport, TX, USA Guest

    Blow Tank Operation


    There are any number of references, books and published articles, that can be easily found on the internet.

    Efficient blow tank operation is based on using all of the available supply pressure. The air supply to the blow tank is normally split, with a part of it going directly to the conveying line, and a part of it going directly to the blow tank. That portion going to the blow tank effectively controls the conveying rate. The general idea is to increase the feed rate, and thereby the conveying pressure, until the conveying pressure approaches that of the air supply. Quite simple, really.


    Dennis Hauch

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    It seems to me that you have a top discharge blow tank with a riser pipe. If this is true, the only pressure drop in the blow tank will be in the riser pipe. This pressure drop can be calculated using published equations for dense phase conveying.


    Amrit Agarwal
    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

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    bbd Guest


    Thanks for the nice replies !! But unfortunately this hardly solves the problem!!

    I was looking at literature and i found close to 30 different equations for solids friction factor calculation!

    Can anybody recommend any partcular literature !!!

    Differnt methods give different pressure drops !!!!

    Amrit agarwal is right ! it is top dischasrge system we are talking about!



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