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Thread: Polypro Pellet Blender?

  1. Polypro pellet blender?

    Hi All:

    We are Polypropylene Web Film manufacturers and I would like to add some pellet blending capabilities.

    Traditionally, our company has used gravimetric feeders to perform this function. However the models I’m looking at are intended to feed directly to our film line extruders. And they seem to be made by the same manufacturer. It seems to me, that there may be less labor-intensive designs available, specifically the maneuvering and efficiently emptying of the additive gaylords.

    Does anyone have any different recommendations? The weigh scale accuracy of the gravimetric system is it’s most attractive feature.

    The material:

    All materials are in pellet form at 35 lbs/ccf
    Base pellets, plus up to three additives with similar properties.
    Throughput to be approx 1,500 lbs/hr.
    Annual volume is approx 5,000,000 lbs.

    The process would be:

    Base pellets: pneumatic convey from silo to blender
    Additives: Vacuum load from (1,000 lb) cardboard gaylords to blender. Tilters used for the efficient emptying of gaylords.
    Blend & discharge to either tote or discharge hopper
    Dilute pneumatic convey to silo.

    Thanks for your time.


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    WHWilson Guest
    Hello Bob --

    Walton/Stout produces the exact equipment you are looking for. We can vacuum convey your product from your silos and/or gaylords directly to our gravimetric blender, and from there discharge to a container of your choice and/or convey the blended product to your silo(s) or machine(s). Throughput capacity of our blenders range from 500 PPH to 7000 PPH. They are specifically designed for gravimetrically blending plastic pellets, regrinds, and pelletized additives, and can handle up to eight ingredients.

    If you will provide me with your e-mail, fax or physical address, I will be happy to send you some literature.

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    Dennis Hauch - Freeport, TX, USA Guest

    Polypro Blending / Feeding


    One advantage of the master batch blending arrangement that you described is that it avoids the congestion and structural issues in the extruder feed area that are associated with multi-stream on-line blending. For best results, arrange two blenders to gravity feed the extruder to avoid any potential for segregation of the blended pellets. The first blender can be feeding a master batch while the second blender is blending.

    The quality of the blend that is required is a key element in selecting the pellet blender. Understand that a truly 100% blend will require 2-1/2 turns of the material, no matter what the blender design. The blender internals should be minimal to avoid possible cross contamination between additives. You may want to consider piped-in-place wash nozzles if frequent cleaning is required.

    Coperion-Waeschle offers an excellent pellet blender, the Combi Flow. The blender itself is wholly contained in a specially designed hopper section which makes is possible to convert an existing storage or feed bin into a blender.

    These are my thoughts.


    Dennis Hauch

  4. Hi Dennis:

    I looked at the Coperion web site for the Combi Flow blender and did not see it. I'll give your offices a call.

    In the interim, thanks for the responses. I have preliminay numbers from Conair / Maquire and Foremost. This will help me set the budget.



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