An update on an old thread:

Since posting my question some time ago, our project team has conducted a substantial exercise of evaluating the RopeCon system as an option for our project.

To date this has involved the engagement of independent industry expertise, visits to existing ropecon installations, visits to the design and manufacturing facilities and visits to the belt manufacturing and testing facilities. The supplier has carried out design and prototyping works to suit the demands of our project. We have reviewed the designs and inspected the prototypes.

A belt design and splice design has been prototyped with the splice achieving greater than 10,000 cycles at 50% efficiency on the new test rig at Hannover. Like other ropecon belts this one has axles attached and is flat so it is a special and not the same as a conventional steel cord belt. The belt tested has a very high ST rating and uses the largest steel cords available. The splice is a relatively simple one compared to a conventional belt of similar rating.

The result of our investigation is that we have not found any technical reason why this system should not be considered for our project. Of course, the final project decision will include construction time, capital cost, operating costs, commercial, environmental and other issues. Our project's alignment allows us to consider conventional troughed belt overland conveyors also so we are able to make a direct comparison.

As with any major new mine, our project is moving slowly through the various gates. Updates will remain infrequent for the time being.