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Thread: Improving Powder Flow

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    Deepakvarma Guest

    improving powder flow


    I am deepak from India.I am into pharma production of
    capsules where the raw materials are processed by
    dry powder blending. All the materials are sifted to
    achieve the required bulk density for effective
    encapsulation. Sifting is done through cyclone sifter.
    My querry is regarding improving the powder flow
    during sifting from the hopper to the recieving bin.
    Can we pass filtered compressed air in the direction of
    the powder flow in the hopper to increase flow?
    Will it be effective?
    Will it cause any change in bulk density due to entrapment
    of air,if any.

    With Thanks and Regards,

    Deepak Varma.

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    If it is to prevent bridge-, flow-channel-, residue-formations or similar flow problems you might take a look at!
    With Pneumatic Knockers you reduce condensing and segregartion risks like you have with vibration tools and there is no change in bulk density due to entrapment of air.
    Regards Lars

  3. solution of powder flow

    Dear Mr.Deepak,
    It is essential to study your powder for the flow property in Jenike sheartester. Then you can retrofit the hoppe for improving flowability,. if the silo is small new one can be made.
    you may email to

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