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Thread: Cake Free Belts

  1. Cake Free Belts

    Dear Sirs,

    Anybody heard of the CAKE FREE belting and the suppliers to supply 900 mm BW, 3 or 2 ply, 3x 1.5 covers, White in color can quote for 220m long (each 10-20 m x 14 no. of belts in total and to supply with endless joints)

    Kindly suggest.

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    jlshel Guest
    You may be referring to a teflon covered belt for release? Provide additional information about the applicationa and perhaps the proper conveyor belt can be selected?

  3. Cake Free Belt

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for yr kind response.
    The belt requirement is for belts used for soap manufacture plant
    The teflon type may be suitable
    Kindly suggest suitability for soap -rawmaterials handling and price offer if can be offered.

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    laliwala - Paradise Rubbers, India Guest
    Mr. Subra
    We can offer you belts as per your requirements. Pease inform us whether it is toilet soap or detergent?
    Belt working in trough angle or flat bed?
    Head and tail pulley dia.
    We will reply you with sample.
    Paradise Rubbers Pvt Ltd
    Mumbai India.
    fax 91 22 22650788
    tel 91 22 22653976

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