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    Post Motor weights

    Hi im an engineering student at Sydney university doing my thesis on modular vibrating screen systems. As such i am designing smaller lighter modules that fit into a framwork to replace larger screens.

    I am having problems finding motor weight appropriate to vibrate approx 1-2 tons including feed due to the changed application.

    I require these in order to finish my fea model.

    So if anyone could help with ballpark figures it would be appreciated. throw and amplitude are anything within the limits of say 10 - 20 hz and 10 - 20 mm.

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    George Baker

    George Baker

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    call the manufacturer

    I hope this is not too late............i fear it is. But, please call SIMPLICITY ENGINEERING INC in Durand Michigan. Ask for FRED VAN WORT. He will blow you away with his experience.

    check the web under
    100 years experience in all modes of vibration. Also check out GK or General Kinematics in Chicago Ill.


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