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Thread: Spiral Grooved Pipe - How Manufactured ?

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    Spiral grooved pipe - How manufactured ?

    In a discusion about the pros and cons of spiral grooved vs shot peened pipe (for streamer prevention with PE pellets) the question came up as to how these treatments were actually done. I have seen good explainations of shot peening processes but not for spiral grooving. I can imagine a sort of internal roller with a forming wheel being slowly pushed thru pipe in a spiral.

    Does anyone have any explaination or source of information about this ? Are there companies that sell equipment to do spiral grooving? Or, is this some kind of "secret" proprietory operation ?

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    Spiral tubing interior

    Would be interest in getting in contact with you? I rep. a company that does spiral tubing work.........Answer there by this post or by my e-mail address.....

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    Spiral grove pipes are made by a special tool that is installed at the end of a slowly rotating shaft driven by a variable speed drive motor. This tool has an adjustable knife to control the width and depth of groves. The speed of the shaft is adjusted to control the pitch of the spiral. Spiral groving is done by placing a 20 ft long section of pipe horizontally on two stands, and then inserting the tool from one end. As far as I know, this method is not patentable because it does not "discover" any thing new.


    Amrit Tim Agarwal
    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

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