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Thread: Matcon Supply "Cone Valve" IBC System

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    Matcon Supply IBC Batch Blender

    Sleaford Foods select MATCON to supply complete "Cone Valve" IBC System

    Sleaford Quality Foods in the UK, a family-owned supplier of dehydrated fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices have grown substantially in recent years. This growth has been due to Sleaford' s ability to react quickly to customers needs. The Company found however, that the combination of fixed mixing and packing equipment coupled with Sleaford's strict cleaning regime was limiting production capacity.

    Sleaford selected Matcon and EPCM Technology as their partners in a complete refurbishment of their UK facility. A key goal of the project was to increase production capacity by 400% without reducing delivery lead times to customers or the need to employ more operators.

    Following extensive full-scale product trials at Matcon's testing facility in the UK, the Matcon IBC Batch Blender was selected to complement Sleaford's traditional fixed mixers. Fixed mixers have the disadvantage of a very low rate of utilisation (typically less than 10%) due to "dead time" during formulation, packing and cleaning. The Matcon IBC Batch Blender has the advantage of allowing all non-mixing operations to take place "offline" as the mixing vessel itself (the IBC) can be removed.

    The "Cone Valve" technology used in all Matcon IBCs, meant that potential problems caused by segregation during packing could also be avoided whilst providing guaranteed discharge of even the most difficult flowing products such as those recipes containing oil.

    Sleaford ' s have not compromised on hygiene or quality in the design and construction of their production facility. They have incorporated the highest GMP standards, including high quality flooring, walls, lighting & equipment specification - standards usually reserved for pharmaceutical installations.

    Matcon are proud to have been able to assist Sleaford in their continuing success and to be a part of one of the most impressive Food Mixing and Packing plants in Europe.

    For details on Matcon please visit:
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    Check out for an even easier cone valve to assemble an unassemble for cleaning,

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