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Thread: Silo Inventory Measurement System

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    Silo Inventory Measurement System

    SmartBob II Inventory Measurement System

    The SmartBob II is a level measurement system based on a proven and reliable principle of operation. When the SmartBob II remote located at the top of the silo is asked to take a measurement, the motor releases a strong Stainless Steel aircraft cable from a supply pulley and a weight sensor probe descends to the surface of the material. During the decent, the SmartBob II remote measures the cable dispensed. A microcontroller counts the pulses from an internal encoder that produces 80 pulses per foot. When the sensor probe touches the material surface, measurement information is transmitted and pulse generation is momentarily stopped. The absences of these pulses immediately cause the motor to reverse and retract the sensor probe. The SmartBob II uses a heavy-duty direct drive motor with electronic torque control to provide maximum pull strength throughout the entire measurement cycle. The SmartBob II remote interface choices include a powerful Windows based software program, simple push button console, ActiveX Control, or a remote start unit with 4 to 20 mA output. The SmartBob II is easy to install and requires no field calibration or adjustments. The standard unit is now certified for hazardous Class II locations.

    BinMaster offers a complete selection of the most reliable point level, inventory management, dry flow/no flow, aeration, and dust detection instrumentation for the worldwide powder and bulk solids industry.

    Please visit:
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