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Thread: Rotary Breaker Liners

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    Rotary Breaker Liners

    We have been testing white iron liner plates in our rotary breakers. Testing of different hole configurations have increase our throughput (going from 2" round hole to a 2" hexagonal hole design). The holes are 3" centre to centre. I am wondering if a non-metallic liner (i.e. neoprene, polyurethane) are options. The temperature in the drum can be as hot as 200 degF.

  2. Dkichton,

    The term rotary breaker is sometimes used in different context. It can be Bradford type rotary breaker. But sometimes people also use for crusher, which has rotor within it. Few lines description of the machine will help for right response. Also, what is the material being crushed / broken, capacity mtph, feed size, product size? How does the material happen to be hot 200° F (90°C)?

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  3. We provide wear resistance solution against severe abrasion and impact in various impact by fixing laminated wear plate to ASTM specification A 532 type 2 with Chromium 14 to 18%and Molybdenum 2.5 to 3.5 %, metallurgical bonded having hardness 700 Brinell to a mild steel backing plate. The bond joint is strong metallurgical bond with > 33,000 psi . Further details can be discussed on receipt of your confirmation by E-mail.

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