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Thread: Sinter Screen Exciter Problem

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    We are facing some criticality in Cold Sinter Screen Exciter and while refurbishing some points are to be confirmed before we apply the same and set right the unit:

    1. Should Case Hardened Steel material ( 17CrNiMo6) be used for Spur Gears in place of En24 Garde alloy Steel.

    2. Should the Gear Teeth be Hardened and ground? If so what should be the Surface Hardness of Gear Teeth?

    3. What should be the recomended back lash between two mating Gears?

    4. What should be the best sealing avialble to sto ingress of dust/dirt into Bearings and to protect the oil flow agianst clogging?

    5. What measurs should we adapt to restrict major temperature rise?
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