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Thread: Thickness in Cylindrical Metallic Silos

  1. software the size of thickn

    Dear Mr.

    I am looking for any calculation software the size of thickness in Cylindrical Metallic Silos ?

    Thanks a lot.


  2. thckness silo walls

    dear sir,
    we have just prepared the text for a new tred - whichcan be of interest for you. please secnd us jour full adress and we will send you a quotation.

    Program for calculation of silos

    Geometry of the silo is calculated for ideal flow, mass flow and funnel flow. The cone and outlet is calculated for avoiding bridging and rat-holing.

    For the silo with chosen geometry, the static calculation is performed according the DIN 1055
    or ANSI.

    The results contain:

    · Pressure on silo walls
    · thickness per height of the section
    · thickness of roof
    · thickness of cone
    · total weight

    please contact us for a quotation –
    consult also our website –

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