We¡¯re specialized in design and development of weaving equipment with patented technologies and other kinds of machines for special purpose. The newly developed SPCL-10/6000 Super 10 Shuttles Circular Loom belongs to fifth generation, it can weave variety of plastic fabrics with width maximum 6.05m¡¢unit weight 40~800g/m2, they can be used for :
1. wide width woven geo-textile
2. compound needle-punched geo-textile
3. compound geo-membrane
4. canopy/sail cloth
5. base fabrics for packing bag
Now we also provide plastic slit film fabrics with width within 6050mm, and accept indent for SPCL-12/8000 Super 12 Shuttles Circular Loom£¨fabrics width 8000mm£©.
Please refer to our web site ( http://www.cspcl.com ) for details. Any requirements and / or cooperation ideas are welcome!