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Thread: Dryer for Foundry Sand

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    Dryer for Foundry Sand

    Dear All,
    our company MMPE Co. (Middle East Mineral Processing Eng. Co.) are executing a foundry Sand plant in Iran, we are looking for some equipment for this aim such as Hydro-Sizer and rotary kiln specially for this process , plesae inform us if you can supply them!
    Thanks everybody!
    Eng. Department

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    David. Wardrop

    Hi we have the technology to dry sand without using heat sources have a look at our web site at leave your information at the site and we will get back to you

  3. Fluid Bed Cooler

    Please consider General Kinematics for your project. Below is a link to one of our fluid bed coolers for foundry sand, but it can also be used to dry sand as well.

    Thank you,

    Thomas Musschoot
    General Kinematics Corporation

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    Rotary Kiln (Drum Drier for Foundry sand)

    Dear Sir,
    being new in the "bulk-online", I found your one old year Thread regarding the Drier for Foundry Sand.

    If you are still interested in this topic, please visit With ther drum drier Type "Mozer" (=rotary kiln) you will find the perfect solution.

    Thank you,

    Thomas Oberer
    ALLGAIER Process Technology GmbH

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    we can provide the Complete Solutions

    As a Complete Solutions Provider,We're More than an Equipment Company. We design,
    manufacture, and test rotary dryers. If you would like we could give you a process audit
    with some of your current design parameters.We have 30 years of ball mill rotary dryer,rotary kiln production experience.we can provide any kind sand dryer.

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