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    MANN+HUMMEL: Injection Moulders

    Service package for injection moulders expanded with new developments

    Bensheim, November 2009MANN+HUMMEL ProTec has extended its service package specifically aimed at the requirements of small and medium-sized injection moulding companies to include new equipment from the SOMOS® standard line.

    MANN+HUMMEL ProTec is continually expanding its range of SOMOS® standard line equipment for the conveying, drying and dosing of free flowing plastics. The new additions include a range of versatile granulators, a new batch dosing and mixing system for treating multi-component mixtures and a dryer for small throughputs.

    Versatile usable SOMOS® granulators
    With the new SOMOS® granulators, thermoplastic materials like sprues, distributors, slugs or even defective parts accumulating during injection moulding, blow moulding or extruding can be recovered for added value right during production. A series tailored to the respective requirements of the production plant and graded in size is available for this purpose, including SOMOS® SlowCut all-round mills with grinding chamber dimensions of up to 170 x 310 mm², a SOMOS® SnapCut toothed roller mill with 260 x 260 mm² and the SOMOS® EcoCut, which can be used as a small central granulator or large beside-the-press granulator, with a 250 x 380 mm² grinding chamber.

    Thanks to their ideal cutting and grinding chamber geometry, SlowCut mills can process almost all current plastics: Standard plastics right up to highly filled and reinforced technical plastics as well as extremely brittle or even high-impact materials. However, even soft plastics, such as soft PVC and various TPU types, can be processed into high-quality grinding stock with these all-round beside-the-press granulator. If extremely brittle or highly reinforced plastics with high glass fibre or glass bead contents are the preferred material for reduction, the SnapCut toothed roller granulator designed specifically for these kinds of applications is what you need here. An extensive range of accessories is available for all granulators, such as standard chutes for manual feeding and media chutes especially designed for the use of handling systems on grinding material.

    All SOMOS® granulators are compact and space-saving, have tamper-proof, sound-proofed media chutes, operate very quietly and provide high-grade grinding material with very low dust content. Low energy consumption and long service life belong to the performance characteristics just as much as simple handling and cleaning, which save time and money.

    New batch doser – precise and especially cost-effective
    The SOMOS® Gramix Compact TB 100-4 dosing and mixing system which works batch-wise to treat multi-component mixtures is also new. The system has been designed for four components and a max. throughput of 180 kg/h. The mixture components are dosed one after the other in a weighing tank and the total batch is subsequently homogeneously mixed in a mixing chamber located below. The system is mounted directly onto the throat of the injection moulding machine, but is fundamentally suited to feeding extruders in overfeeding mode as well.

    The new batch dosing system combines dosing precision with an especially cost-effective price-performance ratio. The technological improvements implemented in the system now facilitate the dosing of mixing proportions of a mere 1% in a very cost-effective way with slide gate systems, achieving precisions of ± 0.5% of the dosing weight. Therefore, the new SOMOS® Gramix Compact TB 100-4 batch dosing system provides an especially cost-effective solution for many processing tasks in which the reliably good formula consistency of the material mixture is what counts.

    The standard high-quality design of the system includes powerful controls comfortably operated with a touch screen, large doors on the hoppers for the main components, quick releases for the auxiliary component hoppers, spacious entry to the weighing area and removable mixer components. This greatly simplifies and speeds up material changes.

    Injection moulding teams supporting fabricator companies
    MANN+HUMMEL ProTec has instigated "injection moulding teams" to support small and medium-sized injection moulding companies in particular. With the know-how of these specialists in respect of material treatment and their practical experience with injection moulding, these teams provide an all-round service ranging from the design of the equipment systems from the SOMOS® line customised to each processing task up to material treatment and the installation of the systems including training of the staff on site.

    With its injection moulding service, the company is offering its customers access to high-quality, energy-efficient products for the drying, conveying and dosing of free flowing plastics and for the reprocessing of valuable process waste – all at attractive prices and with short lead times. Additional products for the stable process management of mass production moulds from the product ranges of well-known manufacturers are also part of this service: hot-runner temperature control systems from Gammaflux Europe GmbH, Wiesbaden, and tool tempering systems.

    About MANN+HUMMEL ProTec
    MANN+HUMMEL ProTec GmbH, a company of the MANN+HUMMEL Group, is one of the leading suppliers of devices and systems for material handling in the plastic industry. The company develops, plans and provides solutions for all plastic processing techniques presently used based on long-standing know-how from the single unit to the complete system.

    MANN+HUMMEL is a development partner and series supplier for the international automobile and machine construction industry. In 2008, 12,400 employees at 41 locations worldwide generated a turnover of 1.83 billion Euros. The corporate group's product portfolio includes air filtration systems, intake systems, liquid filtration systems, interior filters and plastic cylinder head covers with large scale integration for the automobile industry, as well as filter elements for the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles. For machine construction, process engineering and industrial manufacturing, the product portfolio comprises industrial filters, a program for lowering soot emissions in diesel motors, filter systems and plants, as well as devices for the conveying, dosing and drying of free flowing plastics.

    Über MANN+HUMMEL ProTec
    Die MANN+HUMMEL ProTec GmbH, ein Unternehmen der MANN+HUMMEL Gruppe, zählt weltweit zu den führenden Anbietern von Geräten und Systemen für das Materialhandling in der Kunststoffindustrie. Mit seinem langjährig gewachsenen Know-how entwickelt, projektiert und vertreibt das Unternehmen Lösungen für alle heute eingesetzten Kunststoffverarbeitungsverfahren – vom einzelnen Gerät bis zur kompletten Anlage.

    MANN+HUMMEL ist Entwicklungspartner und Serienlieferant der internationalen Automobil- und Maschinenbauindustrie. 2008 erwirtschafteten weltweit 12.400 Mitarbeiter an 41 Standorten einen Umsatz von 1,83 Milliarden Euro. Zum Produktportfolio der Unternehmensgruppe gehören u.a. Luftfiltersysteme, Saugsysteme, Flüssigkeitsfiltersysteme, Innenraumfilter und Zylinderkopfhauben aus Kunststoff mit hohem Integrationsgrad für die Auto-mobilindustrie sowie Filterelemente für die Wartung und Reparatur von Kraft-fahrzeugen. Für den Maschinenbau, die Verfahrenstechnik und die industrielle Fertigung umfasst das Produktportfolio Industriefilter, ein Programm zur Senkung von Rußemissionen in Dieselmotoren, Filteranlagen und Anlagen sowie Geräte zum Fördern, Dosieren und Trocknen von rieselfähigen Kunststoffen.

    For more information, please visit:

    Additional information:

    Photo left: The new SOMOS® granulators – here the SOMOS® SlowCut all-round beside-the-press granulators with a grinding chamber dimension of 130 mm x 200 mm – are available in various, practical frame sizes.

    Photo right: The new SOMOS® Gramix Compact TB 100-4 batch dosing system, designed for four components and a max. throughput of 180 kg/h; also equipped with a conveyor in the photo. (Photo: MANN+HUMMEL ProTec)
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