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    I am new in the field

    As I said, I am new in the field, and am eager to learn the threads and ropes. Any suggestion please?
    Best Regards.


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    Yes, please be a bit more specific, otherwise I have to take your comments off this forum.

    This is a place for serious technical disucssions.

    Do you have any questions or comments to make?

    Kind regards,

    Reinhard H. Wohlbier
    Forum Administrator

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    Thank you for your kind reply. I am aware that it is a serious forum. I am completely new to this specific field, so I would really appreciate any help regarding the literature. I have CEMA book. However, I feel that it is far from being enough.

    Thank you in advance.

    Mike Nemet, C.E.T.

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    Belt Conveyor Literature

    Thank you, Mike,

    as a starter you should pay a visit to our Bookshop at

    and then you should have a look at the Contents of the Belt Conveyor Books.
    Just to get some feel for the many topics there are.

    Then you should visit the eLibrary, at
    and insert, for instance, "belt conveyor" in the search window.
    You will find some 93 articles, and where they were published.

    Then you can go to the eDirectory at
    and insert, for instance, "belt conveyor" and you will find 23 companies, and 16 sub-categories, all concerned with belt conveyors.

    And then, for instance, you can visit this URL:

    and you will find some 621 references Google gives on our website.
    Quite surprising.

    I would call this first step: Learning by Playing (or Surfing), and I am sure this will be quite interesting. You will find more and more info on the WWW, and I hope that you will come back soon to ask real difficult questions!

    I wish you a high degree of efficiency.

    Reinhard Wohlbier

  5. Dear TNM,

    I have also authored and published an international book on belt conveyor. Its information can be seen on this website in the Forum “ Publication & Standards”. To know more about it, please contact me on my email.

    Ishwar G Mulani.
    Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyor.
    Email :
    Tel.: 0091 (0)20 5882916

  6. We have two sources of information to help you get going with conveyor belts. The first one is a real world book called Foundations III that we produce. You can obtain a copy by contacting Gini at 309-594-2384 ext 429.

    We aslo have an all day workshop dealing with conveyor belt design and problems. The next one is September 9th 2003. Again contact Gini for information.
    We can also do onsite training on conveyor belts at your facility. Gini can also provide pricing and availability. Good luck on your belt conveying.
    Larry J. Goldbeck
    Martin Engineering

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    I want to thank to everyone on your generous responses. I already contacted Ms. Gini Bennison, and now it is on my boss to decide if I am to go or not.
    I also have to point out that it is my pleasure to come here and to read the posting of those knowledgeable persons.

    Best regards.

    Mike Nemet

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