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Thread: Cyclone Hopper Jamming

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    sureshaji Guest

    Cyclone hopper jamming

    The rotary dryer dries iron ore fines for grinding. The wast e gases laden with dust are cleaned in multiclones then a scrubber and then bled out to a stack. Recently the cyclone hoppers are getting jammed and heavy build up of material takes place. Like to know how it can be avoided. ?

  2. Dear Shri Sureshaji,

    It seems your question is that the material fine dust accumulated in the hopper below the cyclones, is not flowing out. You can improve the flow by putting SS liner or UHMW liner, and also by installing chute vibrators. You should also analyze the reason for the material build-up i.e. whether hopper outlet size is adequate. If the jamming is due to inadequate size at outlet, please examine the possibility of its enlargement.

    Ishwar G Mulani.
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  3. You mention that this problem is recent. So presumably something has changed recently to cause it? Step one would be to track down that change.

    I am wondering if this problem is associated with your chute blockage problem and the relevant change is your ore moisture?

    The question then becomes how does this influence the dust in the multiclone hoppers? You say that there is heavy build-up. This implies that there might be a cementing process occurring. This in turn suggests water. One possibility is that the atmosphere in the hopper is reaching dew point, because of an increased exhaust gas humidity. In this case, insulation may help.


    Best wishes

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    Dennis Hauch - Freeport, TX, USA Guest

    Fines Build-Up


    You had stated there is a scrubber downstream of the multiclones. Depending on the nearness of the scrubber to the multiclones it may be that moisture is migrating upstream into the multiclones and is causing flow problems for the fines.

    This could happen if the scrubber operation is intermittent. If the flow through the multiclones / scrubber were to operate continuously it might be possible to keep moisture out of the multiclones.

    My thoughts,

    Dennis Hauch

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