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Thread: Limestone Mill Inquiry

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    Peter James Guest

    Mill Enquiry

    Looking for a mill that can be used to crush limestone to 99% going through 45microns. Capacity required is 5000kg/h minimum.

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    Grinding solutions

    No problem for those specification. We would need some other data as the inlet granulometry, but we are sure of giving you a solution. Please contact us at: .

    Best regards,

    ECUTEC Barcelona S.L.
    Ind. Eng.
    Àlex Farreras
    Tel. +34 93 247 77 00
    Fax. +34 93 247 77 01

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    nbritz Guest

    Re: Mill Enquiry

    Originally posted by Peter James
    Looking for a mill that can be used to crush limestone to 99% going through 45microns. Capacity required is 5000kg/h minimum.

    We see our vabrating mill as a solution.
    If you have a look to our website


    you can see more technical details under the category "Product Range" and see there the vibrating mill.

    If you like to receive a quotation please go in our website to the point "contact" and fill in to have a quotation and then please fill in our questionnaire.
    With the given datas it should be possible to quote you.

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Norbert Britz
    Managing Director
    Aubema Maschinenfabrik

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    George Baker

    George Baker

    Vice President General Manager

    Assinck Ltd.

    Assinck Ltd.

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    Grinding Mill

    I would be happy to recommend a grinding mill with more detail.
    Am I understanding your request clearly?


    This material could be grinded in a ROW of multiple crushers if the TPH rate is correct and then screened to your exact specification by VIBRATING screen or screens after.

    George Baker - MODERATOR

    If interested - I can send you a questionnaire to fill in with the base data I require to specifically size your job.

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    Limestone Mill Inquiry

    Limestone grinding to 99% passing 45 micron is an ideal application for a Raymond Roller Mill.

    Please contact me at the following coordinates to further define your needs.

    Mark R. Hamrick
    Alstom Power
    Air Preheater Company-Raymond Operations

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    pmarquez - Loesche America Guest

    Limestone Mill Inquiry

    Dear Srs.

    We can supply the equipment to meet your specifications:

    grinding 99%, passing 45 micron .

    Our Equipment is a LOESCHE MILL.

    Please contact me in order to give you aproposal and pictures of the equipment.

    Pedro Marquez
    Loesche America Inc.

    Tel: 954-602-1424
    Fax: 954-602-1423

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