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Thread: Dome Costs

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    Dome Costs


    Can anyone give me a rough estimate on the cost of a 2,500 mt and 5,000 mt dome?


  2. Hi, Thony,

    When you say 2500 mt, are you talking about metric tons or square meters? If metric tons, what material you will store?

    Also, where will your dome be located?


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    Thanks for your quetsions,

    The storage will be located in the Europe (soft underground), I want to compare roughly costs between a traditional store of 60,000 mt devided in 20 sections and a number of domes. The material would be fertilizers with angle of respose of 33 degrees.


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    Gentleman,It is not adviseable to go for Dome Storage for such a less capacity.You can opt for steel silo up to 2500 t and 5000 t for conc. or 2 steel x2500 t each.
    Regards, Anil

    Quote Originally Posted by thony View Post

    Can anyone give me a rough estimate on the cost of a 2,500 mt and 5,000 mt dome?


  5. Thumbs up i recommend space frame structure

    Hindustan Alcox ltd designs use significantly less material (~60%), are lighter weight and architecturally pleasing.


    Structures are made from recycled material and are, themselves, fully recyclable. Source material is abundant and locally available eliminating the need for scarce, high cost material.

    Significantly, less energy consumption is involved in the fabrication of space frame structures. Less energy is required to produce the smaller material mass; structures are lighter in weight and are fabricated and delivered in compact unit sizes. This conserves energy involved in transporting our structures.

    Flexibility is a feature of space fame design allowing for ease in modifying, de-commissioning, moving or storing the structure.

    Our considered use of powder coat as a primary finish is environmentally responsible. Powder coating is VOC (volatile organic compound ) and solvent free, leaves no hazardous waste, provides long term resistance to humidity and corrosion and creates an aesthetic, tough finish that is uniform in coverage and thickness, quality and durability. Ease of maintenance is assured.
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  6. Dome & other Industrial buildings under high-corrosive conditions (salt/fertilizers)

    We would like to present our designs for industrial warehouse buildings and structures. Our Dome (larger storage capacity) and traditional sheds (smaller storage) can provide the storage solution that you are looking for.

    Obviously, the balance between CAPEX and OPEX is a key point for any company. That's why, thanks to our developments in warehousing and dome storage, we can help you find the right solution by providing the right type of indoor storage that meets your business needs. Our recommendations can go from feasibility studies and preliminary design to construction and technical supervision.

    Häring AG is a Swiss family-owned company. Timber construction has always been and remains the basics of our professional activities since 1879, 140 years ago. As timber specialists, we are recognized as a European market leader with factories in Europe, but also as the largest producer of glulam timber in Asia and also with partners in North America. The key is in-house knowledge of all the steps from engineering to construction based in our own production for glulam structures.


    Contact us at

    bilder 3.jpg

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