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Thread: Ship Unloading of Copper Concentrate

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    copper concentrate

    Has anyone any experience in ship unloading of copper concentrate?

    Grab, pneumatic or mechanical screw unloading? Which is the best? What unloading rates are possible?


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    copper concentrate

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    Dear Sir,

    Please send your enquiry to

    from proper reply.

    Best Regards.


  4. Dear Mr. Velan,

    I am not sure whether I will have a direct answer. However, I will suggest you to specify the characteristics of the bulk material (copper concentrate), which will help the readers to give you right answer.

    Ishwar G Mulani.
    Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyor.
    Email :
    Tel.: 0091 (0)20 5882916

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    Peter Birnbaum Guest
    Discharge (unloading) of copper concentrate from marine vessels: dominant method is crane grabs. Typical nominal discharge rates range from 300 to 400 tonnes per hour, max. rate encountered in practice was close to 600 tph.
    Note that the rate declines when collecting the final 10 to 20% of concentrate from a hold due to dozing, sweeping, etc.

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    copper concentrate

    Mr Birnbaum,

    Please send us your e mail address so that we can discuss this with you

    Best regards


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    shibajikolkata Guest

    Post Unloading of Copper Concentrate

    Oct 09 '03

    Dear Mr. Velan,

    We are presently supplying an equipment for this.

    Please let us know your requirement in detail.


    Shibaji Dasgupta

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    have a look at - 2000 series crane can do approx. 1500 tons/hour contact me if you need more info

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    Thumbs down Unloading of copper concentrate

    Dear Mr.Velan,
    In Birla Copper, Dahej,Gujrat unloading of copper concentrate is done by grab unloader. Also Murmogoa port ,GOA, they use grab unloader to unload iron ore concentrate.Grab unloader is tested better as of date. Other means is continious unloader of bucket type. But wear & tear is much more & also down time.

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    cahulst Guest
    Dear Mr. Velan,

    We have been offloading copper concentrate vessels and used two methods.
    On very old vessels, still having dereks as ships gear, we offloaded by means of skip buckets.
    A front-end wheel loader was placed in the hold to fill the skip bucket with the cargo.
    Subsequently the skip bucket was lifted by the ship's gear and discharged directly into a dumper truck with minimal spillage.
    Operation can take place at 2 holds.
    A slower operation, but cheap and allright for smaller cargoes up to 10,000 MT

    For a ship with ship's cranes we offloaded with two 10CM grabs which can firstly open partly. Direct delivery into dumper trucks, with a little more spillage due to the grab size being bigger then the truck.
    However, cleaning up is easy with a front-end wheel loader.
    Faster offloading, but cannot give you figures as we were waiting for transport.

    Tarpaulins are placed between ship and shore to collect any spilage from falling into the sea.
    For smaller annual quantities I feel investment in special discharge equipment is not justified.
    The product is not always uniform, but grab operations went OK.

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