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Thread: Wet Grinding Mica Flakes

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    Wet Grinding Mica Flakes

    Dear Sirs,

    I am interested in knowing the details of th efollowing::

    chaser mills
    muller mills

    please help me in locating the suppliers of the above mills.

    I am a mica miner having sufficient stocks and am presently dry gringing the mica for oil drilling usage.

    I am very keen to go into wet grinding of mica and understood that the above two mills are suitable for wet grinding.

    please help me in locating the above mills.


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    mica flakes

    We are a manufacturing company and we produce mica flakes please let me know your complete address so that we may send you our product catelogue and samples and give us your complete specification for us to send you the price
    Neeraj Sharna

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