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Thread: Shiploading Open Hatch Dust Control

  1. shiploading open hatch dust control

    I would like to know of others experience in estimating the design de-ducting quantity for open hatch loading of bulk materials...

    We load 2000tph of cement clinker via a telescopic chute - 15m max. fall, chute dia, is 700 to 1150mm. The chute has an outer bellows dia 1600mm. BD is 1500kg/m3, belt speed is 2.2m/sec, 1800mm wide, 610mm dia pulley.

    Clinker temp is 150oC

    The boom dust collector has been thru several upgrades inv. bag technology but we are back to square one.

    Hence, we have new bag tech. but we need to revists the de-dusting qty that should be used as the design basis. Structural loading is a limiting factor as well...

    The Sabine method - most common for belt conv. transfers - over estimated the qty in my mind by a gross margin.

    Comments/suggestions welcome.

    James Morrish


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    sbsdust - SBS Dust Management, USA Guest
    James Morrish,
    Having 24+ years of practical hands on dust management expertise, including several successful "chemical foam dust suppression" cement clinker applications, I may be able to offer assistance in resloving your fugitive dust concerns.

    After many years working with the major dust suppression companies, I now work free-lance independently as a Dust Management Specialist and Consultant. As free-lance, I will be able to assist with a full spectrum of options applicable to handling cement clinker.

    Please feel free to contact me directly at email or telephone @ USA 903-692-2294.

    Have a good day.

    Tom Westbrook
    SBS Dust Management Technologies

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