Higher accuracy for BAGFILLA 'Carousel' FIBC Filling Machine.

Flomat Bagfilla International (FBI), who claim to be a world leading authority in high speed FIBC filling, are pleased to announce a major improvement to their high capacity BAGFILLA ‘Carousel’ FIBC Filling Machine. Final weight adjustment is now fully automated. This latest development will improve efficiency, reduce operator fatigue and, typically, achieve an accuracy of ± 200 grms per 1,000 kg bag. The company claims their ‘Carousel’ is the only FIBC Filling Machine, worldwide, capable of filling eighty to one hundred 1,000 kg FIBC’s an hour. Carousel filling machines have three work stations but only require two operators.

At the first station, an operator rigs the FIBC onto support arms and connects it and its liner to the filling head, which has an inflatable seal for dust-free operation. A blower inflates the liner to shape the bag, ready to receive its contents. FIBC’s are automatically indexed around from one station to the next after each operation.

At the second station, filling from the pre-charged weigh hopper commences once the FIBC is indexed into position. The load cell mounted hopper is charged with product whilst the FIBC is rigged. During filling, the FIBC is subjected to FBI's hallmark programme of stretching and compaction.

A pneumatically operated cone shaped vibrating table alternately lifts to compact the product and lowers to allow the bag to stretch. This process produces stable, easier to handle and aesthetically pleasing FIBC's. Air displaced during filling is vented to a high capacity filtration system. Whereas, previously, the weigh hopper was always charged with the total weight required, the latest model Carousels marginally under fill the FIBC's at station two.

At station three, each FIBC is check weighed and automatically topped up to the total weight via a metering feeder. These improvements to the control system and operating procedure eliminate the manual adjustment of out of weight bags. This makes the FIBC filling process even more automated and removes the risk of human error. The second operator ties off the top of the liner and then the neck of the FIBC itself. His final duty being to slip the weigh confirmation ticket into the pocket of the filled FIBC whilst moving it onto a conveyor for collection by fork lift truck.

The ‘Carousel’ is fast enough to fill FIBC’s quicker than a fork lift truck can load them onto a truck or rail car. In fact, it usually takes three fork lift trucks to keep up with a ‘Carousel’! This high filling rate eliminates the need for the storage and, therefore, the double handling of filled FIBC's.

A single Carousel can replace a bank of individual machines, offering significant savings in, labour, capital cost, maintenance and floor space.

Some twenty years ago, Flomat Bagfilla International was specifically formed to develop FIBC filling and discharging equipment - essential to the successful use of FIBC’s. The company has remained true to their specialisation and as pioneers of the technology, they have lead the way. The unique, and so far unmatched, ‘Carousel’ is a testament to their specialisation.

Flomat Bagfilla International claim to offer the most comprehensive range of Filling Machines in the world. The BAGFILLA range caters for simple, low capacity filling applications, applications requiring ‘Weights and Measures’ approval, right through to the high capacity ‘Carousel’.

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