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Thread: Inquiry: Flexible Polyurethane Mats for Flip Flow Screen

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    Thumbs up Enquiry for flexible Polyruthane mats for Flip Flow Screen

    Dear Sir

    For our existing Hein Lehmann , Flip- Flow Screen we need the flexible polurethene mats of the following size:

    Size: 355mm x 2000mm
    Slot opening Size 8mm x 28mm
    Thickness of Mat :5 mm

    No of Mats Required :24

    the screen is being used for seperation of -6mm coal.

    Kindly send your most competative techno-commercial offer for the same at the earliest possible.

    Sanjay Kumar

    Tecpro Systems (P) Limited
    1st Floor, 25, 1st main road
    Gandhinagar, Adyar, Chennai- 600 020
    Phone: 044-24425886
    Fax- 044-24425922

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    George Baker

    George Baker

    Vice President General Manager

    Assinck Ltd.

    Assinck Ltd.

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    Pricing for FLIP FLOW screens coming

    Dear Sir: I just opened up this email today date, which is July 10th 2003. First time i have seen it.

    I will have pricing for you shortly.

    George Baker

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