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Thread: Particle Granulation via Coatings

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    gepjohn Guest

    Particle granulation via coatings

    looking for technical assistance for agglomerating a fine powder via coating mechanism , prefer US contacts for initial technology review . Current powder is 10 - 300 microns , would like to inceease to 1000 microns

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    mjacob Guest

    Re: Particle granulation via coatings

    Our company Glatt is spezialized in granulation and coating using fluidized bed technology. We also have a company located in US. For more information please reply.

  3. I may be able to help.

    Antonio Reis
    Vitrom Mfg Consultants
    Your Process and Manufacturing Solutions
    Phone: 209.834.1900
    Fax: 209.834.1039

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