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Thread: Moisture in Taconite Pellets

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    Moisture in Taconite Pellets

    Anyone have a successful on line method for taconite pellet moisture monitoring? We have a surge hopper that holds about 2000 tons and I am looking for innovative way to get moisture readings without spending a ton of money.

    Would not have to be "continuous" per se, Could be periodic.

    Just looking for some successful applications for ideas


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    ACO has a lot of companies based in the US, using ACO online moisture sensors (MMS, 4-20mA output, 24 VDC, ceramc surface)for measuring online the moisture in taconite. The results are very reproducible and the durability with the ceramic surface is sufficient. You get an accuracy within 0,5% moisture
    Please ask for more details under or

    Best regards,
    Johannes m. Mergl

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    Döscher Guest
    i just found your email regarding moisture measurement in pellets.
    Just take a look at Our company has a lot of experience in online measurement of moisture.
    You can contact me 0049 40 89070800 for further informations.
    Best Regards

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