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Thread: Friction Coefficient

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    Friction coefficient

    I have been in the process of calculating the power required for running Apron feeders.

    Internal Friction coefficient of materials is required to complete the calculation,

    Can anybody help me in finding out the values for various materials?


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    Friction co-efficient

    Dear Mr. Pranesh,
    Please go through the following books.
    1. Design of bins & bunkers.. By Gaylord & Gaylord
    2. Disign of bins ... by Rothe & Geniek

    In this book we will find your requirement.

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    Re: Friction co-efficient

    Originally posted by A.Banerjee

    In this book we will find your requirement.
    Assuming, of course, that you can be sure the information in the book actually relates to the material you are using.

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    Friction co-efficient

    Dear Sirs,
    I do not know the type of materials you are going to handle,but in these books internal angle of friction ( Delta) is given for various materials which is very help full. Please have a look on those.

  5. Dear Shri Pranesh,

    DIN 1055-6 standard also mentions internal friction coefficient for widely used materials, for usual / average situations.

    Ishwar G Mulani.
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    Author of Book : Belt Feeder Design and Hopper Bin Silo
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