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Thread: Milling Polyurethane Foam Particles

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    felix Guest

    Question Mill for PUR foam particles


    I'm in search of a mill to reduce powdered foam down to flour. The foam is compressable so it can not be crushed by steel rollers in the way that semolina is crushed to make ordinary flour.

    A flour mill engineer suggested that there was a type of mill used in the food industry that uses a fixed drum with very small holes and a high speed rotor with teeth or pegs. The material is forced into the holes by centrifugal force and the rotor cuts away whatever does not fit through first time. Does this sound familiar or is there something more suitable?

    The foam is made of polyurathane resin and contains a gas blowing agent in the voids. The blowing agent should be released during milling. The foam is mostly dry but could be wetted if this would help. Throughput 4kg (100litres of powder) per minute, 7x24h operation.

    A course mill to breakdown small chunks of foam (up to 50mm or 2 inches accross) into powder will also be needed.

    Thanks for your assistance.


  2. Thumbs up Milling PUR Foam

    I suggest you contact a Mr Iain Crossley at Hosokawa Micron Ltd, UK Tel 01928 755100.

    Hosokawa did some considerable work in processing this type of material some years ago.

    Iain was involved and should be able to advise you.

    Hosokawa UK website:

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    Dear Sir
    We may be able to ffer a solution for your coarse reduction application. Please visit our web site at and review the Gericke Nibbler range.
    A new mill is now also available that is not featured on our web site that may be capable of achieving your finer grind requirements.
    Best Regards
    Rick Isherwood
    President - PTI

  4. The initial cut of the foam can be done with a simple saw arrangement.
    The reduction to powder is a little more complex because the material is very light and difficult to manage in rotating equipment.
    In my opinion you could get your objectives by compressing the material into a thick block and continuously sand it.
    Contact me if you want to discuss it further.

    Antonio Reis
    Vitrom Mfg Consultants

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    R. Schatz - G&A Industrieanlagen, Germany Guest

    Our G&A AIRMILL is suitable to grind Polyurethane foam to flour. AIRMILL- technology is used for this application at the recycling of refrigerators.
    The foam should be pre-cutted to pieces less than 15 mm.

    Rolf Schatz

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