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Thread: Multiwall with PE Lining

  1. multiwall with PE lining

    I understand that a multiwall bag with an inner polyethylene liner film is more expensive than one with an inner, thin polyethylene coating. Still, why do some people buy multiwall bags with PE film lining? What's the difference in performance? Who needs the film lining vs. the coating actually?

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    Patrick Cole Guest
    Milk Powder and other food ingrediants are often filled into a kraft bag with a plastic liner bag. The reason for this is that the liner can be constructed from a gas barrier type of material to limit the oxidatioin of the product and when the bag arrives at the enduser the outer kraft bag can be striped and the internat plastic liner bag is now a "clean" bag which can be conveyed to the sanitary process area and avoid contamination from the outer transport bag.

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    better protective for your products packing

    there is a new kind of bag ,construction of keaft paper laminated with PP WOVEN FABRIC.

    The laminated paper/poly bag is the new generation package material, Those kind of bag offer the ultimate protection and presentation for your products. Designed for 10 lb. to 110 lb. applications, these bags are made with a woven poly interior laminated to either a paper or film exterior in a sewn-open-mouth style. Paper exteriors offer the same look and feel of standard multiwall bags except with greater wear, tear and puncture resistance, reducing product loss and down time on your packing line, in your warehouse and during transport to your customers. Your graphics, up to 4 color process, are sealed beneath the PAPER and protected from handling and weather, keeping your consumer package looking fresh and protected from handling and weather, keeping your consumer package looking fresh on the shelf and sharp and eye appealing. The bags are usually packing for feed,seed etc.
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    RE:Multiwall with PE Lining

    The Multiwall with PE Lining is for liquid goods, It is more strong than with an inner.but the one with an inner, thin polyethylene coating is used to transport goods in poowder.

    We are an experienced supplier of bulk packing( bulk/jumbo/container/big bags,FIBC), and located in Cahngzhou,China. We employ experienced workers and technologist to produce first-class quality big bags with 100% virgin material and new machines. We would like also to produce according to customers' requests

    We can also supply dry bulk container liners.

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