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Thread: Allis Chalmers Ball Mill

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    Allis Chalmer Ball Mill

    Hi All,

    I try to get information on a Allis Chalmers Ball Mill we have here.
    If anybody knows where this mills were produced and/or which company could give me information of this mill, I would be very pleased to get this information.

    The only Allis Chalmers Company I figured out in Milwaukee is a Tractor Company.

    The only information I have of the mill is a, I think production number, of a plate at one of the journals.

    Thank you in advance


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    I know that Allis was bought out by Svedela and is now produced by Sandvik since the Metso/Nordberg change.
    You might want to try Sandvik and see if they have any information.


    Brent Wheeliker
    Clemro Western Ltd.
    Calgary, AB
    Aggregate and Mining Equipment Manufacturer

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    Lawrence K. Nordell

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    Give me the ball mill (size, date of purchase, etc.) particulars and I believe I can track it down to the party that holds the details:

    Metso (old Svedala/ maybe MPSI)
    Sandik ( purchased of some of Metso stuff during anti-trust spinoff, most of Sandvik mills are from old Rexnod comminution mills)

    Probably should try Metso in York, PA, USA.

    Lawrence Nordell
    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.

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    Dear Sir,

    try to contact AC Equipment in Milwaukee, they might help you out. Ron Christen Tel.:+1 (414) 4753821

    Eurolatina Europe SL
    A Lozano

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    Your Support

    Thanks a lot for your support. I really appreciated this forum and the people visiting it.

    Hope I can help you in the future, too.



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    P Sheoran - Saurashtra Cement Ltd, India Guest

    Spares for Allis Chalmers ball mill

    I too am looking to procure used (but in good condition) or unused/spare girth gear for the following cement ball mill supplied by Allis Chalmers Canada

    Cement Mill :

    Make : Canadian Allis Chalmers
    Supplier : Canadian Allis Chalmers
    Open/Closed Circuit : Closed Circuit
    Type : 2-Chamber Ball Mill
    Capacity : 80 TPD
    Size : 3.96 M dia. x 12.25 M length ball mill
    Motor : 1950 kW
    Mill RPM : 15.92

    If anyone can help to direct me to the right party/person I would be most grateful.

    Fax: 0091 22 5636 5445, 2204 8122

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