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Thread: Hygroscopic & Deliquescent Materials

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    BrianHRutledge Guest

    Hygroscopic & Deliquescent Materials

    Does anyone have experience with bulk handling materials that absorb moisture from the air?

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    Dennis Hauch - Freeport, TX, USA Guest

    Hygroscopic Bulk Materials


    Yes, to your question. The material was bisphenol received in a railcar that was vented to the atmosphere.

    It was difficult get it out of the railcar but from that point the handling characteristics were somewhat improved because the unloading system and subsequent downstream handling systems were done in nitrogen.

    Dennis Hauch

  3. Brian,

    We make bulk and semi-bulk packaging from aluminium barrier foil laminate which will protect the hygroscopic products from atmospheric moisture during transit and storage.

    Please visit our website at for further information or contact me directly on +44 (0) 161 976 2006.

    Kind regards
    Simon Jolly
    Protective Packaging Ltd

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    BrianHRutledge Guest
    Thanx. Do you do all sealing there, or sell systems so we can seal on-demand?

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    We manufacture the barrier foil liner to suit your individual requirements. Once the liner is filled with your product it needs to be hermetically sealed, and we can supply hand held heat sealers to make this seal, so yes you would be able to seal on demand.

    For more detailed information you can visit the Products and Solutions page on our web site, and go to Heat Sealing Equipment on the Quickfind A - Z. Alternatively if you like to forward your address details we will send you our company catalogue detailing all our capabilities.

    Kind regards
    Pam Robinson
    Marketing Manager
    Protective Packaging
    00 44 161 976 2006

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    Rod Harris Guest

    To answer your original question, yes, Reimelt has designed hundreds of systems where many bulk powders are hydroscopic and difficult to handle.

    If you would like to discuss your application further, please contact me or see us at


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