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Thread: Safety around Conveyor Systems

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    Safety around Conveyor Systems

    Gulf Conveyors are on the forefront of conveyor safety management. Gulf audits conveyors and management systems to the relevant Australian safety standards. Having audited as a company near to 1000 conveyors, we have evolved our auditing to a level unsurpassed in Australia, and the technology could easily be applied to systems anywhere in the world.

    In our efforts to improve further, we are looking for examples of accidents or incidents which have happened on conveyors, during maintenance, installation or normal operation or design oversights. The intent is to include any root causes or other relevant information this in our auditing processes and training packages. Are there any web site or databases where this information is available ?

    Also for any information regarding conveyor safety, examples of audits or advice in this area, please feel free to contact us

    Glenn Segers

  2. Hi Glenn,

    There appears to be plenty of well documented case studies out there.

    For example, a search on "conveyor" at

    came up with 300 hits.

    Closer to home there is:

    Here's to a safer industry.

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